El Grande title


El Grandẽ was my first 'fleshed out' game concept. I used the concept as the basis for my first university assignment in 2005. Because I was only new to writing such documents or even knowing how to put my thoughts to words concisely, these documents contain quite a few errors!

However, I find this concept fairly charming and I am proud of some of the ideas in this game.

Concept Summary

Think of a kids version of G.T.A. 3/4 mixed with the platform game Croc (from FOX interactive) and set to a Mexican theme.


In the following zip file you should find:

  • High concept document.
  • Draft Design document.
  • Logo.
  • Digital Asset (screen shots of the "Captain Pell" character 3D model asset).

Click here to download (~1.7MB, ZIP).