Night shot


Cannonball 3D is a 3D adaptation of the old Windows 3.11 era 2D cannon game. It is a two player, turn based game where each player must adjust their cannon's firing direction, angle, and gunpowder in an attempt to hit the other player's cannon. A brick wall lies between the two cannons as an obstacle.


This simple (yet charming) game uses:

  • Direct X 9.0c for graphics, sound, input, and resource loading.
  • Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) for realistic real-time physics interactions.
  • Doxygen documented source code.
  • An independently developed game engine for Rapid Application Development and safer program code.


This is strictly for demonstration purposes only and you agree to use it at your own risk. This download may not be redistributed.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista Executable zip (~3.02MB, Win32 exe, ZIP, Lesser GPL).


There is a known bug in the game object update procedure that has been corrected in later versions of game engine. Though this bug remains in this game I have decided not to fix it as it will not cause any runtime errors unless the user plays about 1000+ new games! So try not to play the game for a fortnight straight :P.


Introduction screen

Main menu

Daylight scene with ODE in action

Side view camera angle